System E-wrench

Electric System Wrenches with built-in angle sensor
Electric tools in the future
Our electric system wrenches (oil pulse wrenches) with built-in torque sensor and angle sensor can offer the large reduction of energy cost,keeping the accuracy and work effciency.

** Newly developed outer rotor motor maximizes the advantage of the electric tools.
- Power consumption reduced by 96%
- No need of pneumatic facility
- Zero oil mist generation
- Lighter weight

** Reliable tightening accuracy,equipped with torque sensor and angle sensor
- Double hit tighting and abnormal tightening are detected with a higher accuracy.
- Much increase in bolt tightening number per minute.(8 bolts/min → 20 bolts/min)
- Generation of cross thread tightening has been reduced substantially.
- Reaction force has been minimized by impulse (oil pulse) mechanism
- Much faster