Portfolio Category: HYBRID BALAMAN


1-axis rotation type which is the standard and easy to use. We offer both the floor-mounted UBMF series and ceiling-mounted UBMC series. The models ranging from 75kg to 500kg are most widely standardized. As for the structure of the arm , you can select single link type mostly used hook attachment or double link type…
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Higher!  Wider area! 2-axis rotation type which is compatible with various installation spaces. The horizontal and vertical arm lengths can be independently adjusted, enabling this versatile model to flexibly accommodate various ceiling heights and work spaces. It has fewer openings than other models, leading to its extensive track record of use in clean rooms. Air…
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The capability of flexible transfer is ensured even in the low ceiling space. Popular with customers for use in cardboard box loading, sack transport, etc., thanks to its compact size and ease of use. Air pressure :0.54MPaG Power source:SINGLE-PHASE AC85~264V 50/60Hz Electric consumption: 0.1KVA (common for all types) For detailed dimensions, please download the full…
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