What are hybrid Balamans?


In conventional pneumatic balancers, air circuits and cylinders are used to both control the balancer and drive the balancer arm. Hybrid Balamans use hybrid circuits, fusing both air circuits and microcontroller-driven electronic control circuits, to control the balancer. This control circuitry approach leverages the best features of both air and electronic control circuits.

1.Simple operation with one single push button
For the pneumatic type, when the vacuum type attachment is taken a— HYBRID BALAMANs an example, press the Vacuum, UP and Balance buttons in order to pick up the work piece.
With the hybrid type (ULTRA BALAMAN), the operations in series can be realized by pressing only one button. A press on the button at the beginning, a series of operations is performed automatically. Releasing of the work piece can be done with the same button.

2.Prevent wrong operations, thereby ensuring safe working.
Since a series of operations can be done with a single button, you do not have to operate the system while bothering yourself about the operation procedures, which eliminates wrong operations. Since ULTRA BALAMAN detects if the work piece is held in the air or not, it does not release the
work piece even if the button is pressed when the work piece is in the air.It releases the work piece only when it is on the ground.

3.Energy-saving mode is featured.
ULTRA BALAMAN is put in the energy-saving mode when the non-operated time continues for a certain period of time and disconnect the air circuit, thereby suppressing the power consumption of the control circuit down to the minimum.

4.Delicate speed control of crane mode operation.
By the Up/Down operation lever switch, the balancer speed can freely be controlled by responding to the operating .angle of lever In addition, the delicate speed control that could not be realized with conventional pneumatic control technology became possible.

5.Adoption of the electronic control system contributes to the drastic increase in the pneumatic power efficiency.
Computer brain (newly developed control circuit) added to the air control has ultra functions. Automatic weight sensing control , air pressure memory reproduction control, new crane control, safety and many other functions and performance have been added to the standard basic control function. Functions can be freely selected with the switch on the standard operation box panel

6.Adoption of the electronic memory function expanded the compatibility with a variety of works and many kinds of attachment By adding the balance pressure memory/reproduction control function to the standard control system, up to eight weights of work piece can be memorized and selected for use Furthermore, by adding the attachment replacement control function to the standard control system, up to six attachment weights can be memorized and selected for use.

7.Improved ease of maintenance
ULTRA BALAMAN is equipped with a self-diagnostic function. When turned on, it goes into self-check mode, and internal sensors check for any irregularities in its control components. Any problems detected are displayed on the message display unit, making it possible to quickly address them.

Standard Relay box and Touch panel display unit

Features and Specifications

Versatile arm types that fit the working space and operations.

UBMF type :1-axis rotation type which is the standard and easy to use.
UBMS type:2-axis rotation type which is compatible with various installation spaces.
UBMG type : Suitable for low ceiling site.