Supporting work staff with superior balance functions

This pneumatic balancer uses compressed-air to provide drive. Its superior balance functions make it possible for women and elderly staff to easily move heavy and hard to handle objects. It can be used just by connecting it to a compressed air source, making it easy to use. It is air operated, eliminating the possibility of problems caused by work environments. Various arms are available for Toyokoken air Balamans, making it possible for us to propose Balamans optimized to customer needs.

Pneumatic Balamans

provide balance functions and other unique functions.

1.Regulator Control

The control system that the weight of the transfer products to be transferred is set up in advance and the condition of balance is selected by switch operations
・Suitable for the lot manufacturing that transfers the same products continuously.
・Since the state of balance can be switched rapidly, it is suitable for operations that require the shorter tact time.
・Applied only to the balance operations.
・Setting up the multiple weights and selecting the balance with the selector switch.

2.Double Control

The control system can deal with random weights where the weight of transfer products is detected each time.
・Suitable for handling of various kinds of transfer prodcuts.
・The balancing pressure is set up each time after lifting up the transfer products by the crane operations.
・A press on the balance button as required switches the mode to the balancing condition.
・The transfer in the air is possible to select either by the crane or the balance operation.

3.Safety function

・ The work piece/arm can be stopped and held at the existing position even when the supply air is lost.
・ Prevent the jump-up of the arm even if the work piece was self-destructed.
・ The interlocking circuits with various attachments are featured.

Features and Specifications

Versatile arm types that fit the working space and operations.
BMF type :1-axis rotation type which is the standard and easy to use. (BMC)
BMS type :2-axis rotation type which is compatible with various installation spaces
BMG type :Suitable for low ceiling site.
BMH type : Cover the wide operation area in combination with the ceiling-rail system.