Portfolio Category: ELECTRIC BALAMAN


Wide working range and  flexible installation Cover the wide operation area in combination with the ceiling-rail system. The capability  of effectively utilizing floor space. Air pressure : 0.49MpaG For detailed dimensions, please download the full outline drawing (PDF). specifications
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Higher!  Wider area! 2-axis rotation type which is compatible with various installation spaces. The horizontal and vertical arm lengths can be independently adjusted, enabling this versatile model to flexibly accommodate various ceiling heights and work spaces. It has fewer openings than other models, leading to its extensive track record of use in clean rooms. -…
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BMi2F * BMi2C

  1-axis rotation type which is the standard and easy to use. We offer both the floor-mounted BMi2F series and ceiling-mounted BMi2C series. They can be installed in a wide range of locations, and have a single rotation axis, making them optimal for working over large areas in work environments with high ceilings. - Power…
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