Series YZ-N
Torque Range 7 - 65 Nm
Non shut-off

Cordless Battery Impulse Wrenches YZ-N SERIES
Tighten lighter quieter and smarter Ultimate tightening feeling Tighten smoothly respectfully and gently


Improvement of operability and work ability
- Output adjustment 4 setting of motor output by the switch (2000,3000,4000,4800rpm) Optimum adjustment possible, for every work characteristic,in combination with pulse adjustment function.
- Direct engagement Gearless direct connection with motor and liner parts Compactness,
light-weight,low vibration,low noise,low reaction owing to the direct engagement.
- Special electric motor To support the direct engagement,the brushless motor adopted with full torque and high durability
- Step throttle The operational improvement for pretightening,by low spread rotational zone at 1st step throttle

BC0075G Battery Charger for YZ-N series

BPL-1820 Battery for YZ-N series